Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Resolve] Partition Not Detected While Ubuntu Installation

This is a simple method to solve your problem about your problem (Partition Not Detected While Ubuntu Installation):

  1. Run ubuntu with live usb
  2. Open terminal
  3. Be sure your PC is connected to internet.
  4. Install gdisk: sudo apt-get install gdisk
  5. After it installed use this command : fixparts /dev/sda (replace sda with ur harddrive letter)
  6. Then press "p"  (to print the partition)
  7. Then press "s" ( to sort the partition table)
  8. Then press "p" again (to make sure nothing bad happended)
  9. Then press "w" (to write changes)
  10. Then press "y" (to accept. Don't worry this is just change partition table, your data is not affected)
  11. Then reboot your PC
  12. Finish. Try again to install your ubuntu.


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