Saturday, January 10, 2015

Using WhatsApp Throught Pidgin (New)

Add WhatsApp repo to your list

deb quantal main
deb-src quantal main

Update package:

sudo apt-get update

Install WhatApp pluggin:

sudo apt-get install pidgin-whatsapp

Your pidgin should have WhatsApp Plugin

Next, We use third party to get WhatApp username and password

# sudo apt-get install python python-dev python-protobuf python-dateutil python-argparse python-setuptools python-pip
# sudo pip install python-axolotl
# sudo pip install --upgrade protobuf

# wget
# unzip
# cd yowsup-master
# sudo chmod +x yowsup-cli

Request code:
'cc' = Your country code without (+),  'phone' = your phone number with country code. 'mcc' and 'mnc' can found at, find your prefered provider

# ./yowsup-cli registration --mcc 510 --mnc 01  --phone 6281555666777 --cc 62 --requestcode sms

status: sent
retry_after: 3605
length: 6
method: sms

After you receive an code on your phone, Then confirm your code. Example the code is 123-456

./yowsup-cli registration --mcc 510 --mnc 01  --phone 6281555666777 --cc 62 --register 123-456

status: ok
kind: free
pw: GXGL6Xyf52JUOEvLEz3LvkOqNog=
price: Rp9500
price_expiration: 1423868871
currency: IDR
cost: 9500.00
expiration: 1452446921
login: 6281567770768
type: new

"login:" is your username. "pw:" is your password.
try to login via pidgin.

If you found error message "Server closed the connection" while trying to login, You must update your 'yowsup' to last update package, and then request password again.

To avoid crashes on the client side, make your status to "away" do not use "available"crashes occur usually on android device.

Here detail provider from Indonesia:


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